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Crypto games seem to start heating up in 2020. Following the success of CryptoKitties in the mainstream world in 2017, digital collectibles based on blockchain technology have grown rapidly. This upward trend shows that games and blockchains are a perfect match.

Blockchain technology provides players with a stable reward system to collect digital collectibles that make digital games worthwhile. On the other hand, crypto games create a friendly environment or an environment for learning and mass adoption.

Japan leads the cryptocurrency game developer group with an astonishing net worth of more than $ 40 billion. In addition, professional blockchain researchers said that the increase in global smartphone penetration can make the crypto game industry explode further in 2020 and beyond. Here are some blockchain-based games to consider in 2020.


Blockchain crush:

The game deepens the idea of   digital collectibles by making them available on many blockchains. It consists of cute fantasy creatures including puppies, cats, pandas and lizards. These animals can be traded, sold, or converted into traditional digital currencies. In addition, digital collectibles can be trained with many skills tested in combat. Blockchain crushes can be played on computers and mobile devices through a web browser. The game has become more and more interesting due to the increased support team and intuitive design.


My crypto hero:

This Japanese-based blockchain game has been around for less than a year, but it ranks first in the world in terms of transaction volume. Double Jump.Tokyo Inc. is the developer of the game and it runs on Ethereum as a decentralized application. The game can be played on computers and mobile devices.

My crypto heroes are made up of historical heroes, who can collect and train these heroes for multiple epic battles. All heroes are hidden, and their enemies make them weaker. Players need to travel deep into the fantasy world to release heroes and restore them to their former glory.

Players can train their heroes to acquire new skills, and the game also empowers them to trade heroes on the social market.


Release God:

The game is a deck-style card game that allows players to obtain card packs and accumulate a unique collection of rare cards. These cards are built on the Ethereum blockchain, and players can get actual ownership of the cards, and they can exchange other cards or sell them on the market.

It can easily be compared with Blizzard’s Hearthstone legend, the only difference is that GU runs on the blockchain. According to reports, after Blizzard publicly supported Hong Kong protests and expelled one of the top players, Chain of the Gods gained attention in 2019.

The cryptocurrency game has received at least $ 15 million in funding to date, making it one of the most promising blockchain-based games of 2020. At its peak in November 2019, the game’s trading volume surpassed CryptoKitties. The fantasy card game transferred 6 million cards in three days and was worth more than 4.7 million when it peaked in 2017.


Origin Spell:

Developed mobile crypto games, mixing card trading games with arcade-style games. Genesis Spell players can take epic adventures while collecting and trading spheres to create a sturdy deck that can be tested in battle. Players can then use cards to cast spells on enemies, and strategy and skill are the main elements of victory.

Then, since the cards and collectibles in this game are based on blockchain technology, players can keep their cards and items to win the game. Interestingly, this is one of the earliest role-playing Bitcoin (BTC) games, enabling players to store collectibles directly on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Moreover, bonuses can be exchanged outside the game, which is exciting for gamers.

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