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“Lay Jao bhai… . Saab Lay Jao!” … .. Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number I thought it was a motto for the nearby merchant at Sunday Bazaar yet a closer assessment of the Marketing ticker uncovered it to be a Game show on a neighborhood TV channel. Being a loner in nature and suspicious about great karma, I generally have felt that these game shows are PRE RIGGED from “GO”. I mean how you could be discarding expensive prizes at individuals and still make cash out of it! (That is MARKETING TACTICS 101… … BUT EXSUSE MY IGNORANCE FOR BEING AN I.T. Master) I saw the primary period of Jeeto Pakistan on TV and MAN OHH MAN… … individuals were winning complimentary gift engine bicycles, vehicles, gold and money prizes like there would not have been a tomorrow. So I chose to see the show direct in the following period of Ramadan and most likely enough when the following year came, I assembled my quality (For I am Camera Shy), ate around 10,000 calories (the game show now and then causes you to do pushups for a prize) and rang Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number to book me a “plunk down” at Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number. The jeeto Pakistan helpline number, as it turned out wasn’t a lot of an assistance since they disclosed to me that every one of the passes had been represented. Not a “Surrender EASY” I am, so my subsequent telephone call was to my great companion Mr. Mogambo (I can’t unveil his name since we are never again on talking terms with one another). Mr. Mogambo is an outstanding social element and there is nothing in this world that he can’t do or orchestrate. I rang him and let him know my dismal of a story and he revealed to me that he could orchestrate the passes on one condition… … his own self would be go with me along as well. “Two are superior to one” I thought and the odds of winning the prizes would improve definitely, so I spit shacked Mr. Mogambo’s hand (FIGURITIVELY) and disclosed to him that he had an arrangement.


Jeeto Pakistan Helpline Numbar at Karachi Show 2019


That night I longed for getting back home and declaring to my mom that “Maa tera baita Jetto Pakistan state crore patti baan kar aya hai” Such were my fantasies of life and like any ordinary Pakistani, I too longed for turning into the following Bill Gates (TECHNICALLY… … . RICH!) in a fortnight. Anyway, the day at last came when the world would know me by the motto “lay gia saab… ..bhai lay gai saab” I wearing dark clothing since my horoscope prescribed that dark was my fortunate shading today, spilled some salt behind me for enchanted life, implored God that I would give 1000 bucks at neighborhood philanthropy in the event that I won huge and sat tight for Mr. Mogambo to lift me up. He arrived behind schedule as regular dressed like it was his wedding however I had no opportunity to insult him since I was bolted and focused on the game show ahead (brought an ISSB test book from neighborhood old book shop and had a go at retaining it by heart). I thought it took us ages to arrive at the game show area and I always was reviling at my companion Mr. Mogambo for his lousy driving abilities. I called the Jeeto Pakistan Help line Number to ask about mavericks and they guaranteed me that our seats would be saved for us just and would not be given to some other “parchi walay”. We arrived at the area well inside 30 minutes of the show effectively under gone and I rushed away inside the structure leaving my companion in the vehicle behind. The “bouncer” at the entryway requested my pass and I understood that the passes were with my companion so I rushed back to my companion who was all the while locking his vehicle and who gave me a virus gaze as I was moved toward him, disclosed to him that I had proceeded to ensure we get in with no issue (YEAH I KNOW IT WAS A LAME EXSUSE) He shook his head despondently and instructed me to go plan something for my reproductive organs (I’ll be controlling the profanity here so you can utilize your creative mind) number at Show

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