Is Online Coaching and Mentoring Over Rated?

From an early age I discovered how important top coaching and training is for success.

After my early childhood ‘skateboard’ experience of learning the hard way, bumps, scrapes and elbow grazes I was fortunate enough to have had the incredible experience of being under the influence of a ‘master’ swim coach. Lifeguard training near me At the age of nine growing up in a small town, no one would have believed that a master swim coach would find his way to a small outdoor swimming complex with a mixed bunch of river swimmers and bring with him innovating swimming techniques and methods never before seen or heard of before, not in our neck of the woods anyway.

But he did and spectacularly transformed a bunch of willing kids to swim competitively and compete and win. Breaking records and winning, it felt good to have that kind of success at a young age.

With his dutch accent he gave us all the benefit of his amazing knowledge and influence. For a little boy of nine to have had the guidance of a coach, mentor train me and teach me to win and enjoy it, has had a positive effect on my life.

Without this level of training, coaching and one on one mentorship I doubt I would have had the success I experienced for the three years he coached me. I learnt that hard work and top coaching and mentoring and many hours of training in the pool would be the only prerequisite for success in the water.

This lesson early in my life has always drawn me towards those who offer the type of coaching, training and mentoring I need to succeed in whatever I’m doing.

How does this relate to online home based business coaching and mentoring?, well it’s quite simple really. To achieve my goal of financial freedom and have an opportunity to build a life of abundance and prosperity for my family and I, it was important for me to find an associate who would be my ‘master swim coach’. To be able to provide real guidance in unchartered waters the sort of coaching that would lead me toward my goal.

What is clear is that a successful online home based business must offer topline training and coaching. I have discovered the training I need for online success.

So is online home based business Lifeguard training near me and mentoring over rated? Not likely,I would say it is a necessity. Finding your ‘master swim coach’ should be a priority and I can assist you with this.


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