Internet and Marketing

To say that the internet is omnipotent is definitely not an exaggeration. With its introduction to the public in the 90’s, it has slowly taken over most aspects of our lives. Most importantly, internet and Email marketing Sri Lanka became not only the fastest and most reliable communication medium but also the most popular. The internet has also become the library of the future, providing more accurate, detailed and accessible information than ever before. The internet is also a method of disseminating knowledge and acquiring an education. Many modern schools, colleges and universities offer e-courses which are available to students from all over the world.

Additionally, there are millions of websites which provide learning material and information for those who are interested in self-learning of all subjects ranging from astrology to cookery to kung fu. The internet has also taken over the field of business. Today, all most every business, the world stock markets, other financial institutions and all banks offer services online, making businesses more accessible and faster.

Today, the internet serves as an important marketing tool of the future. As more and more people start to rely on the internet for information and knowledge, marketers utilize this opportunity to inform the future customers of their products.

Online marketing has been found to be much more effective than most other traditional marketing methods. Firstly, advertising on the internet is less expensive than traditional advertising methods like paper and TV advertisements and billboards. Faster internet technology has enabled advertisers to incorporate audio, video and animation to texts they advertise.

An important tool in online marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is a method used to ensure that a given website comes to the top of search engine results for certain keywords. For example, Paradise Flora is a company that sells fresh exotic flowers grown in Sri Lanka. If someone wants to buy such flowers, he or she will go to Google and type “fresh exotic flowers” and find companies that sell such flowers. By ensuring that the Paradise Flora website is amongst the top results, the company has the potential to attract more customers and boost its business.


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