Horse riding Iceland

The gathering together of sheep on Horse riding Iceland convention with establishes back in the past when fields and fields close to the homesteads were valuable to such an extent that they must be kept for the feed reap. In this way the stock was headed to the mountains throughout the mid year.


On this one of a kind visit we join the ranchers in South Iceland when they accumulate a huge number of sheep from the mountains. Riding the extreme, sure footed thoroughbred Icelandic pony we start our adventure in the uninhabited inside of Iceland and pursue the sheep right back to the homestead lands. This experience has been favored to ranchers and their companions as of recently. Just because this year others will be able to go along and experience this energizing occasion which is restricted to a limit of eight.


We accumulate sheep in LandmannafrĂ©ttur, the brushing zone near well known Landmannalaugar. Yellow, rosy and greenish rhyolite mountains give this territory a mystical touch. Mt. Hekla is transcending around there and we accumulate sheep operating at a profit sand and cinders which have been sent into the sky by this incredible well of lava consistently. Kristinn GuĂ°nason is the “Ruler of the Mountains” and accountable for men and mammoth. He, his kindred ranchers and their progenitors have been gathering sheep around there for quite a long time and know everything to think about this old convention. Gain from them how to deal with the herd, drive sheep down slope sides, crosswise over waterways and out of protected valleys to their resting place for the evening, just to go out again the following day to assemble more. Appreciate the singing around evening time in the lodges when the ranchers commend a fruitful day in the mountains. One can not get any nearer to the essence of the genuine Icelanders – the ranchers.


All members join a yearly convention and not a tweaked riding visit. Accordingly, a receptive outlook, great physical wellbeing and the capacity to work connected at the hip with others is required. Hope to be treated as one of the group, required to satisfy your obligation consistently and appreciate the brotherhood of every one of those taking an interest in this extraordinary experience of the fall.



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